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These results can be returned to the processing application for use in such things as confirmation messages, archiving, and other such application requirements. The results can also be inserted into a table or table variable. In Example 2, below, the subquery that follows the keyword if is the trigger condition.Trigger actions take effect when the user action (insert, update, or delete) is attempted.

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An UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE statement that has an OUTPUT clause will return rows to the client even if the statement encounters errors and is rolled back. Specifies a column of type nvarchar(10) in the OUTPUT clause in a MERGE statement that returns one of three values for each row: ' INSERT', ' UPDATE', or ' DELETE', according to the action that was performed on that row. SELECT Product ID, Product Name, Photo ID, Product Model ID FROM @My Table Var; GO USE Adventure Works2012; GO IF OBJECT_ID(N' Production. Zero Inventory (Deleted Product ID int, Removed On Date Date Time); GO INSERT INTO Production. In particular, there cannot be multiple triggers for a given table that have the same trigger event and action time.