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06-Nov-2016 04:41

While BSD might not be as famous as Linux, it is widely used, you just might not know it is there.

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The small handful of other BSD distributions branch off from one of those projects, most frequency, from Free BSD.

Free BSD is more stable and faster than Linux, in my opinion.

When my journey into the world of open source began in the mid-90s, the easiest way to get installation media was to buy CD sets from online stores and have them shipped to you.

Back when I was trying out all the distributions, I played around with the BSDs and enjoyed the experience, but I quickly found my home with the Red Hat family of Linux distributions; Red Hat Linux back then and now Fedora, Cent OS, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Morning everyone, I grew up using Redhat when it was free and then Cent OS later on, however for the last 5 years or so I've used Ubuntu LTS exclusively in production environments.I could immediately see that if I were to use and rely on Ubuntu One, I would be locked in.

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