Updating tzdata

21-Oct-2016 16:21

If you didn’t update your timezone in /etc/sysconfig/clock you’ll find your server will revert to the old time zone which is annoying.I was perplexed why they used an RPM trigger to do this (I had never actually seen one used before) so I did some research and its to avoid circular dependencies where the tzdata package would require glibc but glibc requires tzdata.For example "2006a" refers to the first refresh of the time zone database in 2006.

By default Tzdata will poll for timezone database updates every day.The updated data files are Update for ICU and Update for bionic However, I when I build and replace the the icu4c libraries (libicui18and libicuuc.so) and replace icudt51with icudt53l.dat, the system cannot initialize ICU.